Contact us at:   2cq@parkurc.org.uk

2CQ is a 3 piece band consisting of Frances Lancaster (vocals), Rod King (bass), and Tony Durrant (guitar & vocals). We enjoy recording our own songs which are available on this web site (see below) for you to download. Also included are other supporting files such as lyrics etc.

The songs

Summer of 74. This is dedicated to Dave and Jenny Jones, who took a group of unruly teenagers away on a youth club holiday. Having done this once, they came back for even more punishment and did this for a second year. We had a wonderful time. Listen to the file Summer of 74L.wma below.

We were privileged to take part in the remembrance service on 9/11/14, and wrote 2 songs remembering 6 men that died in the war. They were all from Park, and are listed on a plaque just outside the large hall. The first song Sixty Eight Men was sung before the 2 minutes silence, followed by the second song Away from earthy Hell after the 2 minutes silence. We also included a power point presentation giving more details of the 6 men that died. The audio, lyrics, and power point presentation are all available below.

In the summer of 2012, 21 members of Park Church headed off to Siyabuswa in South Africa. We were there to help in a local school. The song Barefoot in the dust tells of some of the things that we did, and some of things we felt as we were helping. 

Back in the UK now, Rod had taken on a job which meant that he was spending many hours in a car. So much so that he was not able to get home each day. He was clearly missing his family and friends. Out of that came the song Driving.

We wanted to write a song for the Ignite worship that takes place on Sunday evenings. See Ignite below.