Street Pastors

Street pastorsReading Street Pastors was launched in 2009, training started in September, with a commissioning service on 10th October 2009 and then onto the streets every Friday night.

Street Pastors has been made possible in our area mainly through Alan Magness, who bought together the committee consisting of various church leaders from different backgrounds, and other Christian social action project managers. Since the launch, Reading churches across the town, the Reading Safer Forum under Reading Borough Council, the local Pubwatch group and Local town centre specialist Police, have all been fully committed to the project. We have a team of about 60 committed volunteers from around 20 different churches, with more people in the pipeline who are interested.

Reading town centre is a popular destination for party goers at the weekend attracting thousands from all over the area. With many bars, pubs and late night venues, Reading becomes a very busy town, especially during term time with its big university and influx of students. The need for Street Pastors to be out and about the town centre late at night is significant.

Please do contact the co-ordinator, Sally Leonard, if you are interested in finding out more.